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Dream Quotes - The Book

"Pajamas on your feet." Yep, that's really one of the phrases my subconscious was kind enough to share with me. Then you've got "turtle pops", "read your mind out loud", "bird watching is all wrong", over 250 dream quotes. These are crazy. I don't think that means I am, but you know...

Quoting from the book's introduction, "...I was a deeply exhausted programmer experiencing microsleep episodes many times a day. And I wasn't just dozing, I was falling directly into dream sleep. The funny thing was, when I awoke, I very often would have the last snippets of conversation from the dream in my head and some were so odd or bizarre, I'd actually laugh out loud. After this had gone on for quite some time, probably a couple months, I realized it was becoming a permanent thing, and I decided to write down as many 'dream quotes' as I could recall, if for no other reason than they made me laugh."

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