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  • pajamas on your feet

    pajamas on your feet

  • pajamas on your feet trippinest lincoln

    The trippin'est Lincoln

  • pajamas on your feet Turtle pops

    Turtle pops

  • pajamas on your feet arranged me

    arranged me, connected me kind of

  • pajamas on your feet Probably space aliens

    Probably space aliens

  • pajamas on your feet big dog bowl

    big dog bowl

The Book of Dream Quotes

"Pajamas on Your Feet and Other Dream Quotes"
(and the Kindle version) is a compilation of snippets of conversation that survived the transition from dream to waking, sound bites that were in my head when I woke from micro-sleeps. Accompanying the quotes are 57 illustrations, my conscious take on how the quotes could be visualized.

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Get some Dream Quotes goods

Dream Quote could call it that. The illustrations span the range from odd to lovely. Get "Style weasel alpha" on your tablet cover or "Probably from space aliens" on a coffee mug. There are plenty more, but if you don't see something you'd like, contact me and I'll do what I can to make it available for you.

The store is hosted on Zazzle, check it out.

The Dreamer - that's me

I'm not a dreamer by trade. Actually, I'm a web developer. I'm married with two grown kids, a son and a daughter. I love my family. I live in the country outside of Waterloo, IA. I love my home. I'm working on an additional career in writing. I love my work. Christ is my Savior. I love my Lord. So, my heart is pretty full :-)